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Time to get this show on the road

on March 13, 2012

Time off has been fun but I’m probably ready now to get back into the work force. Moved to Tel Aviv, after all, isn’t it where this whole start-up nation developed? Totally took time getting used to (and I probably still am) but yeah, it’s been an exciting adventure so far, so now to make it ‘home’
Not easy settling in again to new (and old) friends and places; I’m constantly thankful for the welcoming reception from the people around me, and all the encouraging support from far and wide. Now I just have to remind myself to get off the sofa more often! (oh and get a job but that’s the next thing) I’m thinking that’s where you come in (if there’s eventually a ‘you’)

Kick my ass people! Tell me how much you want to read about my (not so) wild adventures. I’ll post options of events to go to and always happy to hear of others, I just sometimes need that extra push out the door. Leave comments, tweet me, either way, join operation ‘Get Ruth Off the Sofa’ ….. I promise I’ll try to have some read-worthy adventures. Then, hopefully, IF and (god willing) when, I start getting traction with this thing….. it will certainly be something worth coming back to read. (perhaps) (ok, I’ll try anyway).

Let’s re-adventurize my life (#coined). Meet some of the people who influence me via interviews and pictures (not to blow my own horn but I have met a few cool people, on and offline, and am cheeky enough to ask others) enjoy the stories and share in the journey to wherever it will take us, heaven knows, its gotta start somewhere!


2 responses to “Time to get this show on the road

  1. Lookin’ good! but now that means I have to get my show on the road… :O

    Sending you good vibes and inspiration from this side of the ocean, your far away tweep,

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