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So much to Catch Up on…

on May 7, 2012

I hate to be one of those people to make excuses for not keeping up to date so I won’t. Having said that, this might have to be in point-form.

Since last time, we’ve had…….

  • Pesach, yeah, we ate matzah, dipped, leant, ate some more… and we lived through it once more – (and For the record though, for the past two years I have found unopened boxes of matzahs in the cupboard at the end, this year… didn’t buy a single box!! yeah, I’m impressed too 😉
  • I moved, built furniture, kind of settled (unpacked at least) and I’m sure soon I will cook my first meal (at least I can now)

My place…….

yes I know, the floors!!

….. I think a video tour might be in order once I have it a bit more sorted (yes, I love it that much!) but for now this gives a good enough idea.

  • Obviously my events/networking life is never dull; I hope to share more when I do eventually start getting more frequent with this thing.
  • Yom Ha’atzmaut deserves its own special mention – 7 parties/24 hours – that’s GOTTA be some kinda record!!
  • and now it looks like some work stuff is starting to trickle in….. more on that when it’s all a bit more concrete, but I am going to try to do this more often, with MUCH more entertaining (and maaayybe even informative) content. Having said that, *if* there’s any remote, slightest teenciest, winciest bit of chance you did enjoy this little blurb, don’t be shy to leave me a lil comment, we could all do with a bit encouragement sometimes 🙂

More to come soon….. promise! (more said for me than anyone else)


2 responses to “So much to Catch Up on…

  1. Looking forward to the next post. loved the point form as i tend to think like that and those flooors….i happen to think theyre really cool. am i alone?

    • roopunzel says:

      Thanks Sarah, will remember the point form for future posts too then, think you might like what’s coming up. And thanks, you’re certainly not alone, I LOVE my floors as do it seems many others 🙂

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