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A Day Out on Safari….. In Israel


Always one for investigating fun activities to do in Israel, I jumped at the chance to go on a safari adventure, especially less than an hour from my doorstep. Unbeknown to my activity day co-horts, I had spent time working in the African section of Jerusalem Bilical Zoo in a past life, so was especially excited to get up close with the Giraffes, Hippos, Zebras and Rhinos again; I couldn’t stop singing ‘going to the zoo, zoo, zoo’ all morning (yes, aren’t we all just big kids at heart?!?)

After what seemed like really not much of a drive we roll through the gates and its as if they were a magic morphing tunnel transporting us to an arid African landscape, complete with personal Ostrich welcoming party







       no its not raining, its just a reaalllly dirty window.

it actually came even closer than that!!! But wait, it gets better….

Circling the central lake of the mini African reserve, inhabited by birds and ducks of different species, one is reminded to drive slowly so as to avoid hitting any of the of mini bambies, gazelles and Ibexes, and to ensure to simply soak in the scenery laid before you. One can’t help but feel so far detached and find your inner Indiana Jones.

I know I know, cue the obligatory ‘awww’s
    …. but then their dad came along…
                                                                                                        yes OK, we’re going, we’re going

Eyes scan the lake for signs of movement, so as not to miss anything, and low and behold, what initially appeared to be a mass of rocks or an island in the middle, started to move.

Now can I just add, I LOVE HIPPOS!! Those who’ve heard my feeding the Hippos story can attest; but sorry, it just doesn’t work without the whole "talking with my hands thing" – so when you meet me and don’t know the story yet… well, its fun 🙂

Hippos in Israel
                                    He was almost winking right at me!

So by now, inner Indy was really kicking in and we were only half an hour in (yay!) It was time to ditch the car and explore on foot, unfortunately not in the actual ‘mini-reserve’ but the attached zoo.

It is as you imagine upon first entering, an array of birds, reptiles and wild cats. I always get a little sad for the birds just sitting there in the shade, they can’t be happy not to be able to fly around, hence no pictures of them, but they are very pretty though.


safari 107

     We ambled around, soaking in the holiday/adventure atmosphere, somewhat at least, and following the various paths snaking the park to visit the other animals.




     I’m a sucker for pretty Giraffes

      safari 116  

and we really had a deep and meaningful……      more safari 036

The whole park is cleverly designed to limit peering through cages and bars, its certainly an experience to hold eye contact with such an incredible creature.

We continue our journey through Africa and look who we should bump into, just around the corner……

more safari 034




They’ve certainly got quite the compound those magnificent Elephants; a VAST corner of the park where they lord over the entire estate, couldn’t help but think of king Babar… obviously..


Naturally, just like in any museum or exhibition, any opportunities to actually touch and feel the ‘exhibits’ I’m all for “getting involved” so I was delighted to discover the petting zoo …..


more safari 033


Especially if it means hugs with a llama…..


and yes, I made sure not to get spat on.



After a long day (or actually what turns out to be just a few hours) the combination of a car journey (however menial) African adventure and relatively beating sun, started kicking in and it was time to pile back in the car for the way out; oh, but of course, to get out of Africa we have to drive back through it. The cleverly designed park ascetics culminates with a final drive around the same lake but on the other side. Quite apt is it that it’s the zebras who wave farewell

safari 126 


  bye now….


safari 127





                                               I said see ya……..


No, seriously, time to go!!!

safari 128   



oh you wanna say bye aswell do you?!   safari 129







safari 132


more safari 032



Alright, Alright, see ya……



Great day out for all the family, or a group of big kids (Thanks Richard and Adam, the perfect companions for any days out). More information on prices and opening times can be found here, let me know if you go

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So much to Catch Up on…

I hate to be one of those people to make excuses for not keeping up to date so I won’t. Having said that, this might have to be in point-form.

Since last time, we’ve had…….

  • Pesach, yeah, we ate matzah, dipped, leant, ate some more… and we lived through it once more – (and For the record though, for the past two years I have found unopened boxes of matzahs in the cupboard at the end, this year… didn’t buy a single box!! yeah, I’m impressed too 😉
  • I moved, built furniture, kind of settled (unpacked at least) and I’m sure soon I will cook my first meal (at least I can now)

My place…….

yes I know, the floors!!

….. I think a video tour might be in order once I have it a bit more sorted (yes, I love it that much!) but for now this gives a good enough idea.

  • Obviously my events/networking life is never dull; I hope to share more when I do eventually start getting more frequent with this thing.
  • Yom Ha’atzmaut deserves its own special mention – 7 parties/24 hours – that’s GOTTA be some kinda record!!
  • and now it looks like some work stuff is starting to trickle in….. more on that when it’s all a bit more concrete, but I am going to try to do this more often, with MUCH more entertaining (and maaayybe even informative) content. Having said that, *if* there’s any remote, slightest teenciest, winciest bit of chance you did enjoy this little blurb, don’t be shy to leave me a lil comment, we could all do with a bit encouragement sometimes 🙂

More to come soon….. promise! (more said for me than anyone else)


Got Cold in Jerusalem, just as it was warming up!

No, I’m not being facetious!
The Ice brigade rolled into town…. Ice sculptures that is.

Roopunzel - Letting down my hair in the city of Ice

It certainly was a really fun night out, Thanks Danielle for getting me going and the enthusiastic camera-work.

It was a an honor to have been included as a guest poster on IGoogledIsrael more pictures (and some words) over there, take a look.

This week I’m hoping to check out what’s going on for Tel Aviv Art Week – Stay Tuned!

Footnote: As a new “blogger” I’d LOVE your input so why not jot me a little note in the comments if you’re actually reading?? Go On… I don’t bite. Share with me your constructive critisicms, enthusiastic advice or any other pearls of wisdom. And definitely, if you hear of anything fun, pllleease let me know (I also like to hang out on Twitter so you can ping me there too)

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Just another day in the ‘hood: Last week

Last weekend was a prime example of adventures possible when you put your mind to it; Four days of dressed up debauchery! Yes, ok, having a Jewish festival that calls for dressing up and getting drunk certainly helps; and that’s not to say that I’m shy of a little costumed tomfoolery anyway (more on that at a later date) but this time I wasn’t alone.

Purim is a fun Jewish Festival when we read the enchanting tale of Esther, Mordechai and King Aheshverosh and how they foiled the plans of Evil Haman (read more on wiki) What’s important is that it is customary to give presents, have a celebratory meal (get drunk), and participate in public parties and general paloova. It all starts in synagogue where we become enraptured by the world of kings and queens, hosting elaborate banquets and making unreasonable demands. We’re encouraged to boo and hiss for the bad men (yes in synagogue!); all the while a magical masquerade of masks emerges. Often the old joke of “The nun, the Indian and a Cowboy walk into a synagogue…” is, well, not such an unlikely occurrence after all and err, why, yes… I did go to synagogue in suspenders and a fake moustache….

umm, and yeah, managed to pick up a whip actually AT synagogue ….

So let the games begin   ** obligatory whip crack**

Naturally the weekend begun on Wednesday…..as it does. Little party hopping and general rowdiness,.. All dressed up and plenty of places to go

Needless to say I had a sore head the next day.

Problem was, I needed to get up and be fun, cheerful, helpful Auntie Roops. I was of course very excited to see my favourite two little people (ok 3 but new babies hardly count) (yet) so waking up, sore head ‘n all, seemed easier than I had anticipated. My Bro had done his best version of Dr Seuss with the twinnies as the things…. (pic to be added) (hopefully) and barbecue lunch in his garden was just what the hangover doctor ordered.

So much so that, energies renewed, I accepted a lift that evening to Jerusalem to catch up with other friends in the holy city. Obviously a slight modification to the outfit was in order

(there ARE extra long eyelashes under that hat… somewhere) (really wanted this text on right hand side of pic, will figure out how and update that soon)
In fact, find me on twitter here and you can see the eyelashes for yourself (for now) (well one at least) – I hang out there a lot (perhaps too much) so ping me for a chat anytime.

So whilst one may think, after two nights of festive frolicking it might be time to rest but …. ooohhhh no…… How can we rest when there are thousands of people partying on the streets. Walking around Tel Aviv on a regular day can be vibrant and colourful at the best of times, but it aint got nothing on Purim! What an entertaining array of Flight attendants (that’s MEN in dresses) Lego men on roller skates, various Homer and Marge’s, more men in dresses (what IS it with Tel Aviv I wonder?!?) and so many other weird and wonderful creations (lots of fabulous ideas for costumes and guises for a later date) I just simply HAD to share this very short video though of one of the best costumes I’ve seen!

Tomorrow, I put a professional hat back on and join a panel on social media at the Amuta21c Conference (who let ME in???!)

There’s also other stuff like the Jerusalem Ice Festival, I want to check out so who knows what my next post will be about, but I’m kinda getting into this so ya know what..I’m sure there will be one.

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Time to get this show on the road

Time off has been fun but I’m probably ready now to get back into the work force. Moved to Tel Aviv, after all, isn’t it where this whole start-up nation developed? Totally took time getting used to (and I probably still am) but yeah, it’s been an exciting adventure so far, so now to make it ‘home’
Not easy settling in again to new (and old) friends and places; I’m constantly thankful for the welcoming reception from the people around me, and all the encouraging support from far and wide. Now I just have to remind myself to get off the sofa more often! (oh and get a job but that’s the next thing) I’m thinking that’s where you come in (if there’s eventually a ‘you’)

Kick my ass people! Tell me how much you want to read about my (not so) wild adventures. I’ll post options of events to go to and always happy to hear of others, I just sometimes need that extra push out the door. Leave comments, tweet me, either way, join operation ‘Get Ruth Off the Sofa’ ….. I promise I’ll try to have some read-worthy adventures. Then, hopefully, IF and (god willing) when, I start getting traction with this thing….. it will certainly be something worth coming back to read. (perhaps) (ok, I’ll try anyway).

Let’s re-adventurize my life (#coined). Meet some of the people who influence me via interviews and pictures (not to blow my own horn but I have met a few cool people, on and offline, and am cheeky enough to ask others) enjoy the stories and share in the journey to wherever it will take us, heaven knows, its gotta start somewhere!